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Episode 3

Now in production!

Since 2015 the show "The Unknown" has been growing in popularity on its

way to becoming a main stream show for all to watch. Its available for free

on the website www.theunknownshow.com while it is marketed to networks

for airplay. In the mean time, the staff has been working hard to make sure

the show stands out and tries to expose the truth in anything it approaches.

Jamie Clark has been an amazing asset to this show as he helps contribute his abilities to help the crew find the truth to the mysteries they seek out.

Feel free to visit the website for the show and watch it for free!

Research and Scientific Study

Jamie Clark is one of the few psychic's that is always challenging himself but also testing his abilities for accuracy. The "EPOC+" device is being used currently to map his brain waves as he uses some of his abilities in order to see what the brain actually does. This is vital for finding out what methods actually help the brain function better in these situations. He takes his job very seriously and like anyone else, he is willing to invest the right tools and time to make his skills even more keen.

Jamie Clark's Abilities

15+ years of continued success and development



The ability to see future outcomes or events



One that can communicate with spirits



The ability to connect with objects and see who has interacted with or been around them


Remote Viewing

The ability to mentally travel anywhere and view the location in real time, unbound by the physical realm



A mental exercise assisting in the heightened level of spiritual awareness



A healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy into the patient to activate the natural healing processes of the body

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Jamie Clark

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